Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dream of ISIS and the US

DREAM 9/24/2014

Last night I woke up from a dream where ISIS was attacking the US in various places. Not much details involved except seeing it happen and I knew it was ISIS than I woke up.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dream and Vision of the Rapture

Last night as I was dreaming of the Rapture, my husband Robbi at the same time was awake and having visions of the Rapture. Tell me that's not God!

In my dream all of us who were saved were stamped with a heavenly light that glowed and next it was about getting as many people into the kingdom of God before it was too late.  We were basically out of time and it was like a race where we were trying to get to as many people to get saved as quickly as possible. There were spirits using unsaved people to try and stop us from getting to the people.  I ran into a church where there was a priest was standing behind the pulpit while people were running in the church in fear.  The priest held up a pig with his right hand and then he raised his left hand. When he brought his left hand down  things would appear in his hand and he would put the things that appeared into the pig. At the very end of my dream we were going up!

I woke up and my husband Robbi was sitting up next me and I told him I dreamed of the rapture and he freaked. He said I just had visions of the rapture and got into detail of what he saw in his vision. In both his vision and my dream we both saw a priest.

In Robbi's vision he saw Jesus and he saw a priest that holding a cross. The priest was standing at the altar as Jesus was walking up the aisle between the pews and the priest was speaking Latin at Jesus rejecting and cursing at him.  Jesus was holding up his hands as if to get the priest to receive him but the priest would not and when Jesus got to the altar, he grabbed the priest around his throat with his right hand and threw the priest so hard that the priest literally disintegrated into the wood and metal that was the altar.

If you're not sure you would go to heaven or you want to be saved, Say this simple prayer with all your heart and you will be saved. Jesus, please forgive my sins and thank you for giving your life for me. I believe you came to earth in the flesh, born of a virgin and died for me. I believe you were raised 3 days later and I accept the gift of eternal life.  Save me Jesus and be the Lord of my life and I will follow you as you show me how. Amen

If you said that prayer and meant it with all your heart than you are a child of God, a citizen of heaven. Welcome to the family.

we have been building for the last couple years  in our spare time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fire in the skies

August 17, 2014
My husband and I laid down for the night and while I was watching TV and I had a vision. The vision was of an orange looking fireball in the North sky moving at a high rate of speed. Although it looked like a fireball that left an orange trail, it was moving in a straight line from east to went, NOT descending.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Various dreams

I've had several strange dreams lately. Although I didn't get an interpretation, here they are.

Dream 1

Last night I had a dream of gray spirit guarding old ancient doors and cave openings. One spirit was referred to as "The Enforcer". I was seeing them through binoculars from a distance. Someone was with me showing me the different spirits and doors.

While I was dreaming that my husband was dreaming of one of our neighbors and bears. One which stood 11-13 ft. tall.

One dream in particular within past couple weeks.

I had a dream of seeing white beings that literally glowed from the inside so much it was hard to see many details. One man I remember pretty clear. He looked to be in his mid 50's to possibly 60's. About 5'5 maybe.. Taller then me but shorter than my husband. He was very distinctive in his features, (of what I can make out).  They were all dressed in glowing white robes, speaking to me.

Another dream..

War. Fighting. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Update to Robbi Spencer's vision given December 28, 2013

Today is June 26, 2014 and I posted a vision my husband had from the Lord in regards to earthquakes on December 28, 2013. Today (below the video) you will see an article that just came out moments ago. Be advised Robbi said there will be another 6.9 in the Ferndale area to kick this off. I also updated the original post as well with the latest information.

DECEMBER 28, 2013

A vision given to my husband, Robbi Spencer by the Lord on December 28, 2013 which we now see being fulfilled so he made a video to show you what his vision was.


Today June 26, 2014 this came out today..

Sunday, June 1, 2014

4 Dreams this past week


Robbi stops a murder in progress and prevents another.


I saw a boat  sitting on the ocean with old writing on it. 2 days later the following Prophecy came out with the video thumbnail above...



I seen a large air plane sitting on a runway. Frozen over with icicles.


Robbi and I saw we at some place and it was really crowded.  Robbi said, "Hey, there's Nick" and when we looked over he was sitting in a white about to pass in front of us but stuck in traffic. Black smoke coming of out the back and it was hard to see his face.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dreams & Visions

Dreams and visions that I had the past week that came to pass that I didn't have a chance to log until now.


Sink hole
Saw reddish sinkhole in a vision that looked huge. The following day I saw this....

Confirmation Here

China. Saw butterflies that turned into the Japanese Flag. Two days later I saw this in my email...

Confirmation Here

I continue to have a dream where the same house keeps appearing as it has for years now and a baby with no face.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Husband's Dream Confirmed

On April 28, 2014 I posted a dream that my husband had a dream concerning the ocean regarding a carnival type or cruise ship went down. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Don't do it!

MAY 2, 2014

Last night I had a dream where people were acting really different, board line flaky as if someone else had control. It turned out people were taking the mark. (RFID) and were giving supernatural powers and abilities. Some had even received the chip in the back of their neck just below the hairline so it isn't noticeable. Be careful not to take the mark, regardless. The mark comes in the RFID Microchip, Barcode that goes on your skin as opposed to in your skin. Either way it is the same thing.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Something with the Ocean

Last night I woke up jumping to a vision of the ocean. I first seen the ocean and buildings on the side, then it switched to just the ocean as if the ocean either swallowed something or came inland.

Just as I woke I told my husband I had a vision, he asked what of and I told him. He had just had a dream concerning the ocean as well, that a carnival cruise ship went down.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Confirmation to a previous dream

On Monday, July 15, 2013 I posted 3 Continuous Dreams that have taken place in May of 2010 and today in my news feed I seen the exact place. I followed the article and this is what it said. Just like my dream!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dream of Merger

MARCH 20, 2014

I had a dream that I was in an amazing building. The architecture of the building was amazing as well, nice interior, walls....

In this dream there were a lot of people in this building and I looked over at the beautiful wall and saw a very large picture hanging on the wall framed in a 2 inch frame which was the Progressive Edge Record logo as you see above.

I went looking for Robbi Spencer, my husband and owner of Progressive Edge Records and when I found him he was dressed as in our music videos. Blinged out and perfect hair. He was busy in his own large office. As I walked over to the stair rail of glass and looked over the lower floor was full of people who were also working hard, talking....etc.

As I walked throughout the building, people were very respectful to me. I knew then there was a huge merger between Progressive Edge Records and another Company. It was amazing and felt very real.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Husband's Vision on December 28, 2013

DECEMBER 28, 2013

A vision given to my husband, Robbi Spencer by the Lord on December 28, 2013 which we now see being fulfilled so he made a video to show you what his vision was.

Today June 26, 2014 this came out today..

Friday, March 14, 2014



MARCH 13, 2014

I Had two dreams last night one after the other and both dreams were the same but the second dream extended a little more. My dreams were of a war. The skies were black and there were explosions, flames and human like creatures that was running, fighting on the ground, in the air and some in trees. It was intense. In this dream I was running for cover because bullets and explosions were everywhere. I ended up in this house that had no lights on because the power was knocked out. I ended up climbing in through the walls and saw a window frame from within the wall and climbed through it and saw what looked to be the same house I had seen in other dreams. I recognized it because of the secret room that was in other dreams I had before.  I knew in my dream the battle was between God and Satan which led me to believe when I woke up it was the battle of either Armageddon or WWIII. I knew when I woke up something was coming pretty quick.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Tears


FEBRUARY 17, 2014
Had a dream where the only part that stuck out that I can remember is,  I saw my husband Robbi looking at me and crying. I wondered what was wrong but before I can ask what was wrong, I heard a voice speak as if it was answering my thoughts. I then realized he was crying tears of joy and the voice spoke and said, "He just met God." Knowing my husband was already saved and mighty man of God, I knew instantly in my dream that he had just 'seen' the Lord and I knew at that moment that God was about to bless my husband in mighty, mighty ways here. So it is a good dream!

A Storm is coming!

A while back my oldest son had a dream of my son (his little brother) who is in heaven. In the dream, he dreamed that he was in a Wal-Mart store. He came down some stairs that were inside the store and all the lights were out in the store and it was dark, windy and cloudy outside as if a storm was rolling in.

He saw his little brother Jessie sitting in the window inside the store. Jessie looked at my oldest son and said, "A storm is coming" and my oldest son looked out side and said, yeah I know. Jessie said, "NO!!  A STORM IS COMING!!!" and he pointed up towards the heavens.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spirit Guy over the city and old man winter

Dream 1
January 25, 2014

The first dream I had last night is where a saw a dark grayish spirit over a city building. Next he was in a building and transforming into different people, including a small child.

Dream 2
Old man Winter
My second dream was very quick. I saw what looked like old man winter looking to the east while blowing what looked like cold air as you would see on tv. As he was blowing winter... he was moving towards the east. Which I feel may possibly be a warning of some major winter problems for those in upstate NY, NJ RI, OH, PA Vermont and surrounding areas.