Thursday, December 3, 2015

Another AMAZING Merger Dream

Had a dream last night 12/2/2015

Progressive Edge Records was Merged with another company. We were celebrating with fireworks, lots of people and our band was there. The outside looked like Gold and creme colored marble. The two sleeping in a room in which I was raised up above the building to see because you cannot enter the room the two are sleeping or dead. The two black figures I saw represents the enemy which is now bound and unaware of what is going on and unable to do anything to stop the merger and good things in Jesus Name. Praise God. I seen a quick view of the floor plan while being raised above the building to see that the enemy was sleeping or dead.

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 8, 2015

Had a reoccurring dream of a house. Robbi and I were buying two of them. It was the same house I've seen many times in my dream and know very well from my dream. It was the house with the hidden rooms. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vision of the moon

November 4, 2015
While lying in bed I was still very much awake and out of no where I had a vision of the moon. It was getting bigger and bigger. It was extremely bright and I was able to see the surface. Not sure of the reason but that's what I saw.

Friday, October 16, 2015

White Fighter Jet Vision

VISION OCT.16, 2015
Last night was watching TV I had a vision of a white fighter jet in a very blue sky similar to the one below.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Now forget it.. and make it alllllll go away

October 2, 2015

I had a dream that my husband Robbi & I were in this different world. We loved every place we walked into. The houses had round doors like hobbit houses. One room had dark red walls outside of the door while another had purple. 

There was an older woman with long gray hair and a man with short gray hair. Both were dressed in white long gown as shown below. The woman was having some kind of episode where she started yelling and pulling her hair. The older gentleman with her, escorted her out of the house where she would not hurt herself or anyone else.

We checked out all the houses and found one that needed a little touch up but we really liked it. It just seemed that it would be pulled out from under us. Then we found another and that's when I woke up. I remember meeting different people as well. One of the people we met was very nice and was showing us around and showing us the available houses.

Just as I woke up I heard a voice like someone was standing over me saying, "Now forget it.. and make it alllllll go away." Immediately I felt a tingling on my head and I actually felt the dream dissolving it was harder and harder to remember it so I fought it to remember the dream since someone wanted me to forget it There had to be a reason and although I don't know the reason as of yet, I knew there was a reason.

I thought about it, there are many types of dreams. Prophetic dreams, attack dreams, dreams because of what's on TV or in your surroundings, stress dreams and dreams that were effected by your day or what's on your mind. 

But when I heard the voice tell me to forget it and I actually felt the memories of the dream leaving, I knew it was much more than a dream. It is known that people can and do travel to other dimensions, worlds, realms, etc. I believe that is the case here. I felt we were in another dimension. For what reason, I don't know yet. But I had to log this dream as quickly as I can before I actually did forget and was unable to remember. 

It just seemed that this dream was the opposite of our world where everything was wrong and someone didn't want me to remember the place or dream and for that reason I fought to remember it. Now I've had many strange dreams, but I was never told to forget it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hat & Tails

Dream Sept. 23, 2015
I Had a dream our friend, Brant was in a Top hat and tuxedo with tails, stylish walking cane and an English scarf. He looked well off.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dream and Dimensions

Dream September 16, 2015

Last night I had a dream where I learned how to look into other dimensions. It was all about learning how to remember and how to see. Then I was able to see different alien beings, photos and events of me that took place or about to take place in other dimensions. It was about remembering what you see through your dreams. I seen 3 aliens together in the form of a circle. They had the body of a grey alien but their color was white with a blue tint, wearing blue sparkling robes.


In March of 2017 I came across this photo, which looked like what I saw.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Dream of The Lord's Return

Dream August 28, 2015

This morning I had a dream that my husband and I among others, we were getting ready because we were about to be with the Lord.

In my dream there were several people we knew who were still alive on the earth but who weren't going,  were telling us goodbye. My brothers were there, my x and his girlfriend was there he was holding a colostomy bag and I felt he didn't have much time due to health. He had very short hair and he told my daughter to go with us. Someone came to me and put a jacket/robe type on me.

It was extremely a silk, dark pink fuchsia with Gold trim and a gold symbol on it. 

Did my best to find the color in my dream and the gold represents the symbol. 

I looked and I saw an Army of angels riding on clouds with a very blue sky. One in particular, I seen had shoulder length snow white hair and white robe, riding on a white horse with a very serious look. There were hundreds of angels riding along side him. 

I noticed the people who were staying instantly changed, including their appearance and became surrounded in darkness. It was like they went from nice to mean as the army was passing.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dream of Asteroid and 2 UFOs

DREAM August 23, 2015

DREAM August 23, 2015
Last night I had a dream where I seen the comet/asteroid near the earth but it's own orbit which doesn't hit the earth. It comes close but doesn't hit. I also seen two very large UFO's heading towards earth.

The picture above is exactly what I seen in my dream and from the angle I seen it from.


Today I received several confirmations. One of the confirmations of this dream came in this video below.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

To be or not to be Pleiadians

DREAM August, 19, 2015
Had a strange dream this morning, just thought I'd share it with you. Don't know if it means anything but if nothing else.. it's interesting. I had a dream where I saw star charts in space and I saw Pladies. Anyway, people were taking a syringe which contained Pleiadian blood which people were injecting into their bodies. I was disturbed by people taking the injections because they weren't genuine Pleiadians but trying to make themselves as if they were in their DNA.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

3 Days...

This morning in a dream, I looked at our security monitor and saw gray skies. As I looked it was like 3 days passed and the skies were still gray. I heard 3 days of darkness is coming. I don't know when, just soon.

Just a heads up!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Warning Dream: 2 Storms 2 States

Last night I had what looked to be a warning for the states of Alaska and Kentucky in my dream. In the dream, both Alaska and Kentucky were facing some tremendous storms.  I seen each state and people were asking to get out of there, but were unable to leave.

In both places, the skies were very dark and the ground was wet. It looked like some very dangerous storms were coming in.

I only report/log what I dream or see in a vision and can offer no other interpretation other than some storms are coming to Alaska and Kentucky. The "storms"  in my dreams can mean any number of things.  All I know is both storms were of heavy magnitude are headed their way soon. Just a heads up so keep your eyes peeled and pay attention.

STORMS ETA: Was not revealed to me, but I do know.. it's in the near future

Monday, July 20, 2015


Last night I had a dream of a 7.7 earthquake. Although we didn't feel it,we were instructed to help. Then I was shown a timeline. 
July 20, 2015

If I were to add 7 years 7months as in 7.7 then add days, weeks... the date would be  Monday, March 1, 2027

Friday, June 26, 2015

Lava cloud

June 26, 2015
Dreamed of a orange lava cloud in the sky. The whole sky was blueish white except for one cloud in my dream, and it lava'. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Plane crash vision

Last night on Thursday 5/21/2015 I had a vision of a small dark red airplane crash.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bad Planet?

January 18, 2015

Had a dream last night. I was shown a star chart and I heard... "9 stars and 1 bad planet."End of dream.